Immigration exams for only 170

Immigration Medical Examinations only $170

San Mateo Medical Clinic is a family medical clinic with several years of experience helping the Southern California community for over 25 years.

Our clinic is authorized to conduct medical examinations for immigration and we offer this service at a low cost.

Immigration exams for as little as $170 by an authorized USCIS doctor.

United States law requires a Medical Examination for Immigration, performed by doctors who are approved for such an examination (also known as “civil surgeon”). The authorized physician must complete Form I-693 with the test results for the Permanent Resident Card.

This exam includes:

Medical exam
Tuberculosis (Blood Test)
Laboratory tests for venereal diseases: syphilis and gonorrhea
Completing Form I-693

We also offer vaccines required by USCIS at an additional cost.

Laboratory tests Required by USCIS

Syphilis (RPR) (Required for all patients over 15 years of age)
Tuberculosis (Blood Test)
Gonorrhea (Required for all patients over 15 years of age)

Vaccines that you may need:

MMR (For ages 12 months and older ( if born in 1957 or later)
Varicella (For age 12 month-old and older)
TD (For ages 11 years old and older)
Hepatitis B (For ages birth to 59 years old)
DTap (From age 4 weeks to 6 years old)
Polio (From age 4 weeks to 17 years of age)
Hib (From age 4 weeks to 6 years old)

COVID-19 Vaccine- 2 doses of Pfizer, or 2 doses of Moderna, or 1 Dose of Johnson & Johnson.

For more details about immigration exams, please call us now!

What should I expect?

During the first visit, we will perform the medical examination, tuberculosis blood test and a blood and urine test for syphilis and gonorrhea.

You will also receive vaccinations if needed.

Our Clinic hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Call us at 1-323-780-4000 to make an appointment!


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